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  • Jungle | Dawn | 7 | Inch | 13 | Watt

Jungle Dawn® 7" 13W LED


Product Description


Hand soldered, top quality mixed kelvin diode design.

ORIGINAL & The Highest Quality Vivarium LED on the market.

Made with the Best Quality Heat Resistant Internal LED DRIVER.... Bar none!


A new day is dawning on Vivarium LED Lighting... Jungle Dawn® LED. Introducing Jungle Dawn LED Vivarium Lighting. ** Jungle Dawn® IS The ORIGINAL Viv. LED!** YOU CAN USE IN YOUR YOUR EXISTING Zoo-Med*, Exo-Terra, Aqueon and Perfecto incandescent reflectors. Special Day-White AND Warm White Screw In LED Unit. Made for and Imported by Original Light Output Design. Epistar White Diodes with to a ratio of Warm Whites has created light as close to the color temperature of morning Sun as I could make for this application. Cool for vegetation on PLUS Warm for flowers and colors. YES... This LED Unit is very Bright. SUPER Bright. Fits all Zoo Med* and Exo-Terra Terrarium Hoods. Fits most standard incandescent aquarium hoods and strip lights. (*Use 13W in Zoo Med RIGHT SOCKET. Use 9W in left socket.) Perfect for Dart Frog Vivariums, Freshwater Aquariums and Supplemental Lighting for any Reptile Set Up. Use to grow plants in Chameleon cages! Boost Lumens for Plants without Boosting Your Electric Bill. Minimal Heat Output. Great for heat sensitive applications. ** Note: Improved Efficiency with better components! NEW 13 W same light output as previous Models ** YES - Only 13 Watts. Quality light while using less than half the Electricity and generating less than half of the amount of Heat as the old CFL bulbs. Satisfaction Guaranteed. IMPORTANT: The LED Bulbs have a 340 Degree range of motion so they can be turned and adjusted once installed. This is to ensure the bulb can be pointed downward, giving the enclosure as much light as possible. Never force the bulb beyond the pivot point. Doing so can permanently damage the unit*. Jungle Dawn® Instructions: Jungle Dawn® LED Vivarium Lighting Congratulations on your purchase of the highest quality vivarium LED bulb on the market! Here are a couple of things to know when installing your new LED bulb.

For best cooling, remove metal internal reflectors in Exo Terra and Zoo Med hoods. Drill vent holes in tops if/as needed. Always try and help LED run as cool as possible.

Please review all these instructions before proceeding. IMPORTANT The LED bulbs have a 300 degree range of motion in the swivel base so they can be turned and adjusted once installed. This is to ensure the bulb can be positioned to point downward, so the LED diode array will give the enclosure as much light as possible. Never force the bulb beyond the pivot point stop. Forcing the bulb to turn past the built in “stop” could permanently damage the unit. Installation Procedure For safety, please ensure the light socket switch is in the “Off” position, or unplug the fixture before proceeding. 1. To install, gently screw the LED unit into the light socket. Do not use force. 2. Once the bulb is screwed clockwise into the fixture all the way so it will light, it may be necessary to gently adjust it by turning the unit backwards. This is where the base that allows the unit to rotate comes into use. By gently rotating the unit counter clockwise, without unscrewing it from the socket; you can adjust the LED diode array to face downward into the enclosure. 3. If the natural range of motion of the swivel base will not allow it turn far enough so the LED array points downward, try unscrewing the bulb very slightly to change the angle. It is ok if the LED unit is slightly loose in the socket, just as long as it is in the socket far enough to make contact to light. Cooling and Proper Ventilation These lights are designed to work in fixtures designed with some ventilation so that the LED unit will be able to dissipate heat properly. Open socket fixtures, vivarium hoods with vent slots or incandescent aquarium lights that have venting slots or holes in them are all good choices. Please make sure all hoods or strip lights are raised up off a solid glass top at least 1/8 – 1/3 of an inch, (4mm - 8mm) so that air can circulate under and up through the fixture. This is to allow for the natural air convection so heat can rise up and out of the fixture. 100% totally enclosed fixtures are not recommended. This is because totally enclosed fixtures do not allow for air flow. Lack of air flow can result in excessive heat build-up inside the light fixture. Excessive heat buildup (i.e. a heat “pocket”) can result in a shortened life-span of your Jungle Dawn® LED unit. Water and Moisture While Jungle Dawn? LED units are resistant to the levels of humidity usually associated with terrariums and vivariums, they are not submersible or waterproof. Therefore, as with any electrical appliance, great care should be taken when using them in wet environments or over open water. Failure to use caution when using any form of electrical lighting over vivariums or aquariums can result in electrocution. In vivariums with misting systems, please remember to always position all electrical components safely away from contact with water spray and mist. Thank you. *Please Note: The use of excessive force when screwing the units in sockets resulting in the breaking of the plastic base and/or forcing the bulb further than it was designed to rotate will void the warranty.

Product Reviews

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  1. Great light and customer service 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Jul 2019

    Prior to my order I sent a few emails with questions about the lights. Todd responded within minutes and was very informative. My lights came quick and packed perfectly. I used the jungle dawn for my day gecko tank with orchids and everything is looking great. Will be ordering again for my next chameleon set up

  2. Best Light hands down! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Apr 2019

    I’ve ordered a few things from Light Your Reptiles and they never disappoint. The Jungle Dawn LED is working great, pumping up my plants already after only a week, and the spectrum looks wonderful! Oh and I should also mention that it’s a paludariun and the aquatic plants are doing wonderfully.

  3. Best light out there 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Apr 2016

    The plants in my terrarium are thriving under the light and doing much better than what I had previously. The light is also very white and pleasing to look at and lights up the whole tank.
    I also got some nice LED pens and a much appreciated back scratcher.

  4. Excellent 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Jan 2016

    This is an excellent product and really fills a need. I am a repeat customer and very satisfied with the item and the business.

  5. Great LED, great experience at Light Your Reptiles 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Nov 2015

    I shopped around for a long time for a high quality artificial light for my terrarium project. Based on recommendations and detailed/passionate debates on forums I decided to go with a jungle dawn 13 watt led setup. It is a great looking light and after a few days the bryophytes I've collected are already thriving noticeably compared to how they did under the hot cfl I started with. I've really enjoyed setting up my tank and this light really makes a huge difference. Time will tell but based on what I've read and seen already I think I made a good choice.

    As for light you reptiles, nothing but a pleasant experience. Quick shipping, good communication, and they even threw in a few awesome and useful extras that I'm already using a lot (love the pen-LEDs for my car!). Thanks!

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