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  • Arcadia | Mercury | Vapor | D3 | Bulb | 80 | Watt | 240 | Volt

80 Watt Arcadia Mercury Vapor D3 Bulb 240 Volt


Product Description is proud to offer these BRAND NEW Arcadia 80 Watt Mercury Vapor 230v bulbs to the US and Canada! UV A&B, Heat and Light all in one BULB! ** IMPORTANT ** * Works with step up converter 200w or more! These are the same 230v Bulbs they use in Europe! Not some cheapie Asian 110v version made fo the US market. PLEASE NOTE: These bulbs MUST BE USED WITH A Step-UP CONVERTER to work in the US and Canada. 110v to 230v. YES! They WILL fit in all standard Dome Fixtures with a porcelain E27 socket. And YES! You can use these with your own step up converter of 200 Watts or more... . if you just happen to have one handy. ;) Or... Just order our convenient kit that COMES WITH A *Heavy Duty* 110v - 220/240v converter at a Fantastic LOW price. Many brands of converters were tested to pick the BEST ONE to make up these kits. The 80 Watt Bulb puts out plenty of UV and Heat for smaller set-ups. Always remember to pair up with an up-converter that is approx. Double the wattage of the bulb being used. With the 80w Arcadia Merc. Vapor bulb, we recommend using a 200w 110 to 220v step up-converter. The optimum basking distance for Desert Reptiles is approx. 12" - 14" inches. For Forest species, we recommend a distance of 14" to 16" inches. Please visit the Arcadia Web-site to learn more about these Fantastic Mercury Vapor Bulbs: WARNINGS: Here are some IMPORTANT RULES TO REMEMBER WHEN USING MERCURY VAPOR BULBS: 1. Always maintain proper bulb distance from the reptile(s). 2. Provide ALTERNATE basking and/or warm spots in the environment so the animals will not be forced to stay under the UV light to keep warm longer than they want to. 3. Always provide shelter and shade from UV lights. 4. Use on a timer. 5. Use in CONJUNCTION with other full spectrum fluorescent (linear or CFL) lighting to properly illuminate the animals whole environment. 6. If your budget will allow it, purchase and use a Solarmeter to measure UV output regularly. 7. Questions? Please feel free to call or e-mail. 8. PLEASE VISIT to learn more about UV light and reptiles. It is the best site on the web for UV information.

Our Mercury Vapor Bulb Guarantee:

These are some of the FINEST Mercury Vapor bulbs on the worldwide market!

We inspect each of these bulbs prior to shipment and they are guaranteed to work when you set them up correctly with the proper 110v to 220/240v converter.

If you should receive a defective bulb, you can return it within 10 days for a replacement bulb. 

However, due to the fragile nature of the product we, we do not accept returns on the product.   

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  1. Best lights ever! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Jan 2019

    I rescue bearded dragons. I chose Arcadia MVB specifically for it's great UVB. I got a solar metre so I can check monthly on how the UVB is doing. Most of the lights I've bought over the last 4 or so years, since I started using them, have lasted over a year, some almost 2 years before UVB was depleted. I get 80W for my dragons because it doesn't over heat them. As a result, they sit under their UVB light all day that they are in their tank. They also get outside time, so I have an MVB at the top of a ramp I built in the living room so they could see outside.

  2. Yes I received my bulb and my food for my bearded dragon and he loves the UVB bulb I tried to put a basking within and he got not only that it reptile basics I ordered your heat projector for him and he loves it and thank you very much 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Jul 2018

    I think you should still put it with the reptile Basics so I can order another one

  3. Best lights ever! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Apr 2018

    I've been using these lights for my bearded dragons for over 3 years and they are wonderful. My dragons love them.

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