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JUMBO Arcadia Power Compact 55 Watt 12% UV Flood Light Kit *WITH* Up-Converter


Product Description

Please allow 3-5 days to ship. Thank you.

NEW JUMBO 55 watt Power Compact UV light unit.

Perfect for medium and larger cages. 22.5" long. 5" wide.


Perfect for free ranging tortoises too!

Can be used mounted to the ceiling of a cage or used outside set on a screen top.

Water Proof Fixture !!

Remote Ballast is outside the cage where it will stay cool, away from all heat lights!  

EXTRA HIGH OUTPUT D3+ 24 Watt Compact Lamp. Includes the very efficient reflector to "FLOOD" a portion of your vivarium with UV A & B over a targeted area.



Comes with a 110V USA matched UP-Converter.

A 28.00 dollar value included in price, so that it works on 110v in USA and Canada.

Exclusively from in the USA.


Easily can mount INSIDE a cage (ceiling mount)


Used be OVER (set on top, rested on top on screen*)


Can be Hung over any cage. (It is not heavy and can hang easily.)


*The UVB is strong and is not "weakened" too much by a screen top.


Because this is a double "U" style power compact bulb,

it is basically it is like getting TWO t5 bulbs running parallel to each other!!!


Unique product that provides 3 types of light !


Visible Light


30% UVA Light, visible to almost all reptiles to stimulate health, feeding and breeding!


12% UVB Light for Vit. D synthesis and greatly improved health!


Contains a USA product matched Up-converter / Adapter. A 32.00 value. 


This is a very sophisticated professional light unit that is great for many conventional and non-conventional applications!


Arcadia Reptile 55w D3+UVFLOOD is a brand new, powerful, ready to use fitting that uses cutting edge High Output T5 technology to provide high quantities of light, rich in UVB into reptile enclosures. The fitting is IP67 waterproof and flicker free. The special ‘Flood’ reflector harnesses the full power of the lamp and directs this light downwards as a flood where it is needed most.


The 55watt D3+ UVFLOOD is easy to fit into a standard vivarium with the addition of just two appropriate screws or it can be safely rested onto of a screen mesh. The single cable can also be unplugged from the fitting to aid with ease of fitting.


The Arcadia Reptile 55w D3+ UVFLOOD also benefits from having a separate power switch on top of the controller box which allows the unit to be easily switched on and off.


The branded and replaceable Arcadia Reptile D3+ 55watt T5 Power compact lamp is included in the kit and being of the highest German made quality is guaranteed to be upper index potent for 12 whole months before a change of lamp is required.


The Arcadia Reptile D3+ 55W UVFLOOD is perfect for use with many of the more arid species including the Bearded Dragon and also within taller, arboreal enclosures.


They project levels of about 155 uw/cm2 at a distance of one foot. Perfect for 2 foot high Vivariums and Desert reptile cages. Great for free roaming forest species and tropical forrest species set-ups at a distance of 16" - 24" +. These super D3+ Fluorescent Power Compacts are ideal to ADD MORE UV to an already lit cage. They do not put out much visible light since over 30% of their light energy output is in the UV A range and 12% of it is in the UV B range. (So conversely... 58% of their total light energy output is in the visible range to the human eye.) These are a FANTASTIC product and Arcadia has it a "Home Run" with these for sure!

For best results, replace bulb once a year. 

Check out the video below in the video link area.


UV Meter Readings

D3 UV Flood Meter Readings

D3 UV Flood Meter Readings

These pictures are of the 24w in a cage, but this 55w would mount just the same.

D3 UV Flood in viv

D3 UV Flood in viv

Product Videos

Arcadia Reptile D3+UV Flood UVB Projection Fitting HD 03:47

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